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Natural Language Generation is software that turns data into written responses that are indistinguishable from human written documents. In our case creating property profile description’s for real estate agents. 

How does NLG work

Natural Language Generation requires a structured dataset in order to produce human-ready prose.

The content must be formatted and outlined, then given structured data. For instance, the Realwords platform accepts structured data via the property form. NLG software does not pull unstructured data or generate written text without some human interaction.

NLG comes in a range of three levels:

Basic – The simplest form can transform a few data points into sentences. For instance, a weather report sentence may be produced this way; ‘Brisbane will reach a top of 24 degrees’.

Template Driven – The next level uses a template paragraph and creates words based on the changing data. For example, Sports scores can be generated this way.

Advanced – The most advanced level transforms data into a story. This narrative is based on a high level of data analysis.

NLG - Real Estate Description Generator

In the case of Realwords, advanced level NLG is used to generate professional Real Estate property profiles that narrate the property you are trying to sell.

NLG Use Cases

Realwords is a favourable tool used by leading real estate agents to generate professional property profiles. However, NLG has potential within any industry that requires generated text from data.

Other common uses include:

  • Produce descriptions
  • Creating financial portfolio summaries and scales
  • Personalised customer communications

All NLG narratives are designed to be indistinguishable from a humanly written document. The writing style of the content produced from NLG varies widely depending on the specific audience it is targeted at.

The tone and structure of each narrative is pre- determined by the person designing the template. NLG is very flexible and obtains the ability to produce content that is appropriate for industries ranging from finance and business to sport.

In the case of Realwords, the structure and tone of the property profiles generated are professional and engaging.

3 Advantages of Using NLG

1. Saves your time and money

Natural Language Generation is a tool guaranteed to boost productivity and diminish human error.

We are busy people, and time is precious. Rather than personally sitting down and writing time-consuming documents, it allows you to achieve other, more important tasks. It does the tedious work for you. NLG will save you time, it can produce hundreds of unique pieces of writing in the time it takes you to open a blank word document.

In terms of Realwords, the process of writing thousands of property profiles is long, boring and steals your valuable time from being able to sell properties or take on more listing. It also can be costly if you are hiring a freelance writer to complete the task for you.

NLG - Real Estate Description Generator

2. Enables Personalisation at Scale

NLG enables you to generate personalisation at scale, improving customer communication and experiences within your business. For example, a real estate agency can deliver property profiles that are personalised by highlighting the features of the property that are most important to potential buyers.

NLG works for all businesses. Whether you are a large company with an established customer based, or a smaller company with an expanding client base. This is because the software allows organisations to make full use of old data while allowing the addition of new data to produce a unique narrative depending on the customer.

3. Every NLG narrative is unique

NLG produces unique content every time. The engine obtains hundreds of thousands of sentencing structures, which ensures each narrative differs from one another; no two are ever the same.

This is specifically important to real estate agents as a unique and engaging property profile is required in order to produce results.

The Future of NLG

In the past, it was very difficult to implement this software. A business may have invested a lot of money in NLG without seeing content for weeks.

The good news is, our Realwords platform makes using NLG easy. Thanks to forward-thinking technology, anyone who uses our software and uploads data using the form will be able to obtain a property profile in just seconds.


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