How Clare Saves Up to 4 Hours A Week Writing Property Profiles

Producing original and professional property profilesProperty profiles

Clare was frustrated with how difficult it was for her to write property profiles, slowing her and her business down. Clare is a real estate agent and needed a way to write well-written property descriptions without wasting time. ‘My colleagues and I spent hours looking at blank word documents trying to come up with exciting and engaging property descriptions’ Clare says. ‘Ensuring the property descriptions were original was also a hard task that was costing us time we didn’t have.’ Clare knew that there had to be an easier way to write property descriptions and this statement was validated when she discovered Realwords.

Saves time

Realwords allows real estate agents to save time by generating the property profiles for them by simply filling out a form. It caters for busy real estate agents that want to put their time to better use, while ensuring that their property profiles are creative, professional and engaging to potential buyers. Clare had always written her own property descriptions and was reluctant to try something new. That all changed when she used Realwords for the first time. ‘It was so simple and convenient, it only took me a few minutes to select options that was relevant to my property and in a blink of an eye an excellent property profile was generated for me’, Clare says. ‘What I would usually spend hours on per day was produced for me in a few minutes and probably written better than anything I had produced in the past’. Clare was blown away at the convenience and easy of using Realwords. Realwords allowed Clare to save up to four hours per week and recommended this to her colleagues.

Easily accessible

Since Clare was always traveling, she didn’t always have the ability to access his computer. ‘I spent most of my time corresponding over the phone and as Realwords was available via mobile this was very handy.’ Realwords is available from desktop, tablet and smart phone, making it accessible for all agents no matter what device they are using.

Able to take on more listings

Since using Realwords, Clare has also noticed that she has had more time to take on more listings and that more potential buyers have attended open homes due to the quality of the descriptions. ‘Realwords property profiles is written professionally and I believe this has made my listings stand out amongst others’ Clare says. ‘I would recommend this to any real estate agent that is time poor or struggling with writing property profiles.’ Realwords has increased Clare’s success and it can for you too. Sign up today to see how Realwords can save your time and increase your buying potential.