Our Marketing Strategy – 100% transparency

Marketing Plan
In this resource we lay out our Realwords marketing plan.  Yes, the entire marketing plan used when we launched Realwords.

You’ll see our 6-12 month objectives. Our plan for developing the brand. You’ll even be able to read our Customer Propositions (where do you fit)?

Why are we making this publicly available?

Because we have nothing to hide and we think being open and transparent is a good thing.  If you read it and get some ideas for your marketing plan, then that’s even better.


Real Estate Headlines – Includes Free Download

Real estate headings for downloadReal estate headlines are possibly the most important part of a property listing.

Some agents will tell you that if the real estate headline is bad, potential buyers will be immediately turned off.

Even if that’s not the case, why take the risk?

On this resource page you’ll find a list of 1001 Quality Australian Real Estate Headlines. The list is totally free and ready for download.

What Makes A Good Real Estate Listing?

Real estate listingsReal estate property listings that sell fast and above the asking price seem to have a few things in common:

  • Images – real estate agents need quality pictures
  • Premium positions – ads in prominent positions are obviously more likely to catch the eye
  • Description – the profile (text component) of the listing is clear, concise and written in such a way that sells the home.

This resource discusses the impact a property description can have on the sale of a home.

Twitter For Real Estate Agents – How, What & Why

Twitter-for-real-estateThis resource is part of our series of “interviews with experts” to help agents with their marketing.

Learn inside tips from a Twitter expert to help improve your online presence.

There is no use pretending social media doesn’t exist anymore.

Potential buyers will probably check out properties, agents, and agencies online before making that first call.

It’s critical to get the first impression right, and you can actually use Twitter to make money.