The Realwords story: How Realwords started and why


Brisbane, QLD – January 10, 2017

We Promote, a Brisbane digital ad agency, is excited to announce the launch of Realwords, a property profile generating software that will assist real estate agents in writing their property descriptions. The official launch date for Realwords is March 31 2017.

The Realwords story begins with it’s creator James Mackay. James, the director of We Promote, has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the property business. It came to James’ attention how important it is for real estate agents to provide excellent property descriptions, after reading so many poor ones when searching for a home. A well-written property profile will ensure that agents sell the home quickly and at the highest possible price.

Realwords was created on the basis that agents often fall short when writing property profiles because of a lack of time and understanding of what makes a good property profile.  Realwords uses natural language generation software that makes the property profiles indistinguishable from human written ones. The product is designed to create unique and engaging property profile descriptions that only require a simple form to be completed by the agents.

In the lead up to the official launch of Realwords, 100 Real Estate agents around Brisbane were given the opportunity to trial the product. The feedback from the trial was very positive. ‘What a great way to save time and effort, so I can focus on getting the best results for my vendors’ (Scott, Wilston). ‘Realwords writes better descriptions then I ever could. This is a game changer’ (Clare, Indooroopilly).

In the anticipation of the official launch, the Realwords team is working hard to create a tool that real estate agents can rely on.  This is how the Realwords story began, we look forward to writing the rest of the Realwords story with you.

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