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    Realwords is natural language generation software
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How Realwords Works


1. Fill in a simple form

It’s simple. Just click on the options relevant to the property you’re selling.

edit your property description

2. Generate and edit

Preview your unique property profile and edit the template until you’re happy with the results.


3. Publish the property profile and start selling

Download the property description, publish the content and start selling.

Get started today with a free trial and become more productive immediately.  Some of the biggest names in real estate agree that technology and productivity is the secret to success.

John McGrath, founder of McGrath Estate Agents, on the topic of what A List agents do differently:

“Elite agents who have mastered the art of selling will be leveraging themselves through building a team of people around them and utilising technology, which allows them to be more efficient and handle more business.”

Clarke & Humel principal Michael Clarke, who placed seventh on this year’s Top 100 Agents ranking, says the key to being a successful agent is not so much working hard as working smart.

Ray White’s leader of elite development, Julie Ryan, says the top agents she works with get maximum value from their time. They don’t need to be workaholics because they’re so productive.  “Most agents waste more than half of their day,” Ms Ryan says. “Being focused on not wasting even a couple of minutes is a hallmark of someone who is going to achieve very strongly.”

“Elite agents don’t succeed because they miraculously avoid challenges; they succeed because they use systems and processes to overcome those challenges.”


About Realwords

Realwords was created by We Promote,
a Brisbane-based online
and digital ad agency.  We work mainly with real estate agents.

It became apparent very quickly that writing property profile descriptions was the biggest pain point in the industry.  We’ve been developing Realwords for more than a year and trust you’ll enjoy the benefits of our software.

Generally it takes a long time and a lot of frustration to get a description good enough before you’re prepared to post it on realestate.com.au or Domain.

Imagine being able to write a property description profile in just minutes.  With Realwords, you can.  All you need to do is sit down for a couple of minutes and click boxes on a webpage.  This creates a data profile of that property.  Then the Realwords Natural Language Generation software takes the data you put into the form, and produces a property profile description that’s so good, you’d swear it was written by a professional copy-writer.

We’ve done a lot of research into what makes a good property description and have developed a formula for profiles.  Realwords automatically produces your property descriptions according to the formula, so the entire layout is formatted correctly.

Realwords produces unique descriptions structured to focus on benefits (not just features).  We think you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between what a professional copywriter produces in 24 hours and what Realwords writes in just seconds.  You can then edit the description and make tweaks and post it on the property listing – all in a matter of minutes.

A well-written description helps generate interest in a home, increasing the opportunity to sell at the highest possible price.  Why spend hundreds on a professional photographer to increase the chance of selling your home, if the text is not at the same high standard?  Use Realwords to write unique, professional profiles to save time, save money and be more productive.

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What Realwords Offers

Your property deserves a well-written description. By using Realwords to write your property profile descriptions, you will save your valuable time and increase your buying potential.

Realwords uses natural language generation (NLG) to automatically generate property descriptions based on what you enter into a simple form.  It takes just a few minutes to complete the form and the property description is generated almost instantaneously.


Identify your property

No matter the property, our generator identifies the most crucial benefits of the property you’re selling.


Generate the profile

Using NLG software to produce the property profile that is unique and indistinguishable from a human-written one.


Inform potential buyers

Realwords allows you to increase the value of your description and inform potential buyers.

What You Can Achieve With Realwords


Higher than market price


A reduction in ‘Days on Market’


More listings


More attendees at open homes and inspections

What Realwords Customers Say


“Realwords is amazing!  Professional writers charge at least $150 per property description.  This is a game changer.”

[Clare, Indooroopilly]


“It’s as though the property description was actually written by a human – you can’t tell the difference.  What a great way to save time and effort, so I can focus on getting the best results for my vendors.”

[Scott, Wilston]


“I would rather be selling than spending my time writing property profiles.  Realwords writes fabulous descriptions in moments.”

[Andrew, Paddington]

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Realwords is internet-based Natural Language Generation (NLG) software. Succinctly, NLG is software that turns data inputs into intelligible text.

Realwords’ NLG technology turns information from Real Estate Agents into beautifully written property profile descriptions – in just minutes.